2013 Ford Kuga

2013 Ford Kuga

Effective, sophisticated and elegant, in and out, Ford is glad to provide you a whole new generation of the Ford Kuga, presently the smartest vehicle in the SUV course. The brand-new Ford Kuga has a reasonable baggage area and big hold-up kapaciteteza whatnot, but, upon demand, could be geared up with the most recent technical various technical solutions – so you could acquire your desire off-road experience.

Although previous Plague well approved, the fact is that since 2008. year to date and did not record sales results that Ford hoped. Nonetheless, as the pester worldwide model in The united state, called the Ford Escape, the recap outcomes are not so bad, and they definitely validate that with the second-generation Ford further trouble.

So Ford is preparing to use its international experience and management in the SUV segment to supply a much more complete and more competent array of SUV designs for the European market. Therefore, the new afflict that has currently significantly better culture get even smaller sized and more small SUV Ecosport uncommon label, and will be equally crucial and the Ford Edge, which ought to disrupt the hierarchy among the bigger and more distinguished SUVs.

Ford Kuga

Ford does not conceal his passions among SUVs, so they expect to sell more than one thousand SUVs in Europe over the following 6 years, which this number needs to be doing as a lot of as 10 percent of all Ford sales in Europe by 2016. year. with SUVs making up 10 percent of Ford’s sales in the area by 2016. Because the launch of the first generation Kuga 2008th year, Ford sold greater than 300 hundred of this SUV in Europe.

Bigger and more attractive

In the 2nd generation Ford Kuga comes as a a lot more major auto, and it is currently obvious in the beginning look. I still reach the corporate layout of Ford, now it’s much less playful and much more major, which is among these vehicles still set you back much more.

Of course this is the cause of the new Kuga really received 2 vehicles. In addition it need to first replace the Kuga and the Ford Retreat, which is marketed in the UNITED STATE, and according to its style and custom, as that is possible, a broader range of clients and markets. Likewise, due to this it is evident that the Kuga and expanded dramatically compared with its predecessor.

Gears crown as great motor and drive

That pester not only aesthetically various, we saw in the run. The brand-new all-wheel drive is an extremely capable and helpful both in the field and on the paved roadway, and to truly react quickly to changing motoring conditions from Ford boasts that evaluates the problems on the road 20 times faster compared to it requires to blink an eye.

Thus, Ford set its four-wheel drive in the Kuga at quicken to 30 km / h for the primary target is the reduction of slippage and supplying rides effortlessly, while at speeds over 30 km / h is readied to boost steering feel, maneuverability and directness. Also on a special show at any kind of given time can be considereded as the factor where the needed torque.

Ford Kuga is developed and the device “Curve Extermination”, which helps motorists in case the curves enter as well fast. This system is obvious understeer fight against extremely strong stopping, and could lessen the quantity of torque that specifies, in instance the driver is still holding down the accelerator pedal. As an instance of driving in which this could take place at Ford say leave the motorway was slippery or improperly done.

Ford Kuga is suited and the system “Torque Vectoring Extermination”, which has been understood since prior to the Concentration RS. In dynamic driving this device brakes the wheels Interior resemble a differential lock and traction of the wheels minimizing slippage of the tires torment water quickly and securely via the corner.dth=”580″ height=”380″ class=”alignnone size-large wp-image-1231″ />

High quality and comfortable

In its second generation Ford Kuga makes a great interior improvements. Thanks to a larger scale now surpassed the previous model’s Complaint, which was satisfactory spacious front, but the rear seats was almost inappropriately cramped.

Plague now with much more space for passengers and delivers practical solutions such as moving the rear seats, so travelers can really back comfortably, as in a limousine. Regardless of this setting back, I really should point out now that passenger legroom in the rear seats is not a problem, even when you are sitting forward and slightly higher companions.

The boot in this generation also surpasses its predecessor. With a capacity of 480 liters is not a recorder class, but certainly some very popular outperforms its competitors, such as, for example, Volkswagen Tiguan.

In the case of the boot with one of the most practical solution that brings plague. Although such a solution is seen before, brings plague to the first in its segment, and it is a self-opening tailgate. It is sufficient that the person with the keys in his pocket and, for example, arms full of bags and bags of shopping, “waved” foot under the rear bumper. Plague recognizes it as a signal to open the trunk, including juggling and painstakingly opening this solution goes into history. The system is so simple and works well it is logical to ask why something like this would not have found wide use in cars such as the electric windows.

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