Ford Atlas

2014 Ford Atlas

America’s best selling pickup was overhauled Ford made a sneak peek of the brand-new model by presenting the concept of the Atlas of the North American International Automobile Program in Detroit. This design showcases an advanced design that influenced the F-250 and F-350 designs.

2014 Ford Atlas on the design of the exterior and interior decoration is designed with a feature that has actually been enhanced with using sophisticated components that contemporary. 2014 Ford Atlas brings a number of advantages to the style points are integrated with the interior wall surfaces. There’s also a freight floor that collaborated with 110 volt energy sites in the payload box to load the energy devices offered on this automobile. On the roof is created with a model that has been prolonged and concealed ramps that provide unique capability for the vehicle prepared to be made use of in a range of works.

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2014 Ford Atlas Concept offers some enhanced components that can boost the capabilities, its longevity, and productivity support to comply with the varied necessities of pickup owners. Right here are the brand-new components on the exterior and interior design, to name a few, the pickup:.

Dynamic Hitch Aid: Hitching a trailer that could be time consuming and hard. Hitch Assist Dynamic has the feature to help it line up with the clutch trucks trailer drawback, and remove the guess job device with the potential to steer the visual cues on the display revealing the truck in the facility of the dashboard.

LED headlamps and taillamps: Advanced lights system with LED lights that manages to offer a much better course compared to utilizing the standard halogen lamps method or CONCEALED bulbs and lasts longer. Using LED lights manage to provide near-instant response quicker by supplying valuable extra caution time to adhere to the web traffic.

Payload Box and Side LED Illumination Mirror: Advanced, yet solid sufficient for reliable LED lights devices and light payload box work after sunset with very little drainpipe on battery life when as compared to typical lamps or plug in the lights.
Hidden Cargo Ramps: Lightweight, influenced model as packing ramps durable stored at the bottom of the payload box could be promptly gotten rid of and established to assist with the tons products pushed onto a bed of landscape design equipment to aid in the performance of the automobile ends up being a lot more leverage.

The objective Tailgate Action increases and Cradle Freight: Ford Tailgate Action that manages to make this van to be stronger in a lengthy way. With the capacity to additionally act as an origin of cargo lifting and holding additional lengthy freight items on the truck and liberating performance of the vehicle becomes more take advantage of.

SpaceTrailer Back-up Help: This is a technological development created by the producer that offers to enable the driver to sustain a trailer with a swivel of a knob. The first component is a component that is presented on the vehicle design Ford pickup manufacturing to date.

360 Degree Viewpoint Video camera: It is a compulsory feature for pickup from Ford company. Primarily is a system that has the ability to give a look of the vehicle to aid place the car in tight areas such as when you’re doing the task playground in an auto parking room in a shop or at the workplace.

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Ford Atlas engine.

2014 Ford Atlas supported using the performance of the modern technology package EcoBoost engine with direct fuel treatment devices and turbocharging. This modern technology manages to deliver fuel effectiveness gains of approximately 20 percent with an overall reduction in CARBON DIOXIDE exhausts by up to 15 percent. When compared with the van’s engine in its course would certainly have been much better. For now on the market there are more than 500,000 EcoBoost engines have actually been sold worldwide, they additionally consisted of 250,000 i.n Pickup 2013 Ford F-150. The main concept EcoBoost engine owned by the Ford Atlas, aimed to save fuel by means of a combination of elements active aerodynamics reduces wind resistance.

2014 Ford Atlas

New Ford Atlas presents some modern concepts of which are:

Shutters Wheel Active: is an automatic window layout hidden wheels which enabled to increase the force at rest and low speeds. However, automatically be able to close at highway speeds to improve aerodynamics on this pickup. As for the battery charging itself by using the energy of the motion of the wheels with the concept of power windows.

Power Running Boards: A display board that runs automatically have a role as a feature to help passengers get into the truck at rest and it slid against the pickup truck as it moves to improve aerodynamics and maximum ground clearance.
Active Grille Shutters: an automated window system through the screen remains open when extra engine cooling required by this car. At low speed when driving with a stop-and-go driving or while working in hot weather though will still feel comfortable. The windows will be working automatically with closing to increase the level of aerodynamics while cruising on the highway when driving at a steady pace.

Drop Underwater Dam front: These are basically a model of a drop down front spoiler that is able to reduce the wind at highway speeds to improve airflow to the underbody more leverage. There are air dam raised on how it works with low speed to increase ground clearance for off road in helping and achieving maximum speed and torque.

Ford Atlas 2014 concept

2014 Ford Atlas release date later when entering the market will be priced in the range of $ 29,410 MSRP. The number price range was not much different from the price of 2013 Ford F-150 which are both pickup truck models. This price includes the cost of postage to the place or destination address of the purchaser. If future price changes will be updated as soon as possible.

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