2014 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet

2014 Ford Cobra Jet Mustang

Ford presented its 2014 Cobra Jet Horse, which was made to be a direct competitor to NHRA Stock and Super Stock racing designs. The brand-new design attributes completely new three-level transmission, parachute area and will be offered in two colors specifically black and eco-friendly. The model likewise has an electric extermination device, customized suspension, Recaro competing seats and FIA cage.

Racing upgrades for 2014 include the addition of a brand-new three-speed transmission and a parachute position, and while these will make the auto more competent in the quarter mile, the Cobra Jet’s new colors will certainly make it look better taking apart the track. Customers can now obtain their racecars repainted up in Gotta Have-It Eco-friendly or a customized, Cobra Jet-exclusive matte black tone. Ford and Ford Competing have actually already collaborated to make this an amazing factory bother racer with a complete rollcage, huge slicks, a race-tuned suspension system and a supercharged 5.0-liter V8. Now, if just wheelie bars came specification.

Cobra Jet 2014 1 580x257

Unlike the complicated third-party buying device announced for the COPO Camaro, all you have to snatch up a 2014 Cobra Jet is $97,990 and good timing (as the autos will be marketed on a first-come, first-served basis). Ordering opens up upcoming month with production beginning in July. Have a look at journalism release below.

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Part Description:.
-The 2014 Cobra Jet is the latest in bother competing modern technology delivering rate and uniformity for NHRA Stock and Super Stock auto racing.
-With over 4 periods of testing, auto racing, and customer responses the Cobra Jet is much better than ever with stimulating new functions, more performance and priced to be the very best value available.
-At Ford Competing we are not building a pain racing car, we are crafting a Cobra Jet.

New for 2014MY.
-New colors– Gotta Have-it Eco-friendly, and an exclusive Cobra Jet-exclusive flat black (customized non-factory color).
-All-new 3-speed race transmission with SFI accepted housing.
-Parachute position for racers going over 150mph.

2014 Component Content.
-5.0 L TiVCT engine: Supercharged – Ford Racing/Whipple 2.9 L supercharger w/3.25″ lever, fully– CNC-ported heads.
-Lightened body assembly enhanced for weight circulation.
-Electric energy steering – all the aid with no parasitic loss.
-Rollcage enhanced for rigidness and safety through limited aspect evaluation (FEA).
-Recaro FIA nationality seats.
-Ford Racing suspension geometry for optimum 60′ times – originated from computer modeling and hundreds of 1/4-mile runs.
-Off-road only, nationality prepped, and turn-key for NHRA Stock or Super Stock and other competing set.
-Exclusive Cobra Jet material and serialized for collectability.

-MSRP is $97,990 plus optional paint and graphics.

How you can Order:.
-The 2014 Cobra Jet is offered for order now at Ford dealers.
-Accessibility is first-come initial- served – all orders over the 50 unit construct will be provided priority positioning on future Cobra Jet develops.
-The first FIFTY orders will verify choices in April 2013.
-Create to start July-October 20.
Contact Info: Ford Dashing Performance Components– 800-367-3788, www.fordracingparts.com/cobrajet.

Do you understand the Cobra Jet …-NHRA national event wins in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.
-Additional class wins, including the “Large Go” 2012 NHRA United States Nationals where Cobra Jet claimed 9 Course wins.
-Record owner in additional Stock and Super Stock classes throughout 2012 than any other vehicle model.
-A driving force in Ford succeeding the 2011 & 2012 NHRA Manufacturers Cup.
-Has its own series and driving academic establishment, the Cobra Jet Showdown and the Roy Hillside Cobra Jet Experienc.e

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