Ford Ka Concept received Brazil, might enter manufacturing by 2014

The Ford Ka (pronounce it like a Bostonian pointing out “vehicle”) is heaven Oval’s sub-Fiesta offering in a lot of markets that aren’t North America. It’s been a staple in Europe since it introduced in 1996 and in South America since 1997, where it’s appreciated quite a bit of appeal as an inexpensive, effective city automobile.

The South and european American models expanded apart over the years, until Europe wound up with a Fiesta-inspired vehicle and Brazil kept a much more developed variation of the initial Ka’s styling. With this Ka Concept, which is actually a principle in name only, Ford is previewing a Ka not just for the European market, but as the brand name’s new, global little auto. With city automobile sales anticipated to expand greatly in coming years and the ever enhancing price of gas, Ford’s transfer to get a new, competitive vehicle in to the marketplace on a worldwide degree isn’t really shocking.

kaconcept final 1

Wearing Ford’s new, domestic grille, the Ka Concept features the very same crisp, sculpted sheetmetal that’s adorned the Fusion and Fiesta. Established internal by Ford Brazil, a production version can introduce by 2014, according to Ford’s press release. It’s confusing just what engines will certainly sit under this vehicle’s hood, although we would certainly wager the 1.0-liter, EcoBoost three-cylinder from the Fiesta will be readily available eventually.

While there’s no specific reference of where the Ka will be marketed, we ‘d have to visualize that, regardless of history, Ford goes to the very least thinking about sales in the US market. The concern is, would Americans buy an automobile that slots in below Ford’s already very small Carnival? Let us understand in Comments. Until after that, have a look listed below for the entire news release from Ford, then head up top for a gallery of photos of the Ka Principle.

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